Hug&Hold: The responsible way to deliver your beverages.

Mondi's fully paper based and resource efficient replacement of plastic shrink wrap for fully automated PET bottle packing lines in the beverage industry.

Hug&Hold is a plastic free alternative to shrink wrapping and consists of a paper sleeve wrapped around the bottles and a corrugated clip on top to secure the bottles and offer a comfortable handle for transportation.

Numerous benefits at your grasp

  • 100% plastic free
  • From renewable and responsibly sourced material
  • Easy sourcing of two components ( out of one hand supply)
  • Easy separation of single bottles from the pack
  • Fully recyclable in standard paper streams
  • Printable top clip and paper sleeve
  • Stable stacking on the pallet and at POS
  • Validated for the automated packaging process

Hug: Paper sleeve

Advantage SpringPack Plus kraft paper provides unique properties needed for this bundling application. This patented sleeve solution is offered exclusively by Mondi.

  • High tensile strength to resist any tear
  • High stiffness for excellent runnability 

Hold - Corrugated clip

The corrugated clip placed on the bottle necks secure the bottles in place, while offering a comfortable handle for consumers to carry the bottles. 

  • Durable corrugated board
  • One piece design for automatic application onto the bottles
  • Convenient carrying handle options
  • Available with various paper types

In the news

Mondi worked with Krones, a global acting specialist in packaging automation technology, to ensure that Hug&Hold can pack bottles in a fully automated process with the latest Krones’ machines. Krones further offers options to upgrade its existing machinery enabling an easy switch to Hug&Hold as a sustainable alternative.

Read the story here

Hug and hold Mondi sustainable alternative to plastic shrink wrap

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