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shoppingworld by Mondi offers a broad variety of paper grades for all your bags and shoppers: Whether white or brown, for food or fashion, entirely virgin-based or with recycled fibres, highly functional or strikingly attractive. With shoppingworld by Mondi every brand makes a stunning entrance.

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The perfect paper for your needs

shoppingworld by Mondi offers the full range of paper grades for bags and shoppers. Whether you are shopping for an entirely virgin-based high-strength paper with premium printability for a high-class grocery bag, or a variety with a share of recycled fibres to enhance the eco-image of a fashion brand – you will find the perfect paper for all your needs at shoppingworld by Mondi.

High quality paper grades from virgin to recycled

We create paper grades in out-standing quality to give brands the perfect stage. Because for us, an excellent bag carries more than just shopping goods. It enhances the consumers’ positive shopping experience by adding value to their purchase and leaving a good feeling when carrying it around.

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Food portfolio

  • Virgin fibres
  • Food contact certificate
  • Transparent compliance work (e.g. REACH, GMO)
  • High strength suitable for loads over 12 kg
  • Stability due to stiffness and rigidity
  • Good printability
  • Excellent runnability on converting lines
  • Biodegradable, compostable paper grades for various end uses
  • All paper grades are FSCTM and PEFC-certified

Non-food portfolio

  • Virgin and recycled fibres
  • Flexibility of paper substance to fit for purpose
  • Brand boosting thanks to great printability
  • Paper grades for premium looks
  • Recycled paper grades for enhancing an ecological brand image
  • Good functionality and branding
  • Support in testing and printing
  • Excellent runnability on converting lines
  • All paper grades are FSCTM and PEFC-certified

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