Mondi water soluble film offers a smart and convenient solution for packing and easy dosing of powders, tabs and granulates. Be it ready-to-use doses of dishwasher or laundry detergents used in households or chemicals for industrial applications Mondi water soluble film provides an excellent oxygen barrier protecting the product from external influences. In addition, it also protects the end-user from direct contact with the packed content making it safe and easy to use.

Packaging solutions made from Mondi water soluble film are easy to use as the film offers excellent sealing and deep drawing properties while being completely soluble even in cold water.

Moreover, even the environment benefits from it as Mondi water soluble films help to reduce packaging waste and are considered biodegradable, non-toxic and non-inhibitory.

With a committed team of application engineers Mondi is able to customize the film according to customers’ needs and to provide customers with all the necessary support to successfully launch Mondi water soluble films for their products.


  • Dissolves in water completely
  • Event at low temperatures
  • Meets the growing consumer convenience trend
  • Films meet highest quality standards


Attribute Typical value

Test method
Thickness  90 μm  70 μm  35 μm DIN 53370 
Density (film)  1.276 g/cm³ 1.276 g/cm³  1.268 g/cm³   - / [calculated]
Weight  114.8 g/m²  89.3 g/m²  44.4 g/m²  - / [calculated]
Tensile Strength MD  50-70 N/mm²  30-50 N/mm²  50-70 N/mm²  DIN EN ISO 527 (1-3)
Tensile Strength CD  30-50 N/mm²  25-35 N/mm²  20-30 N/mm²  DIN EN ISO 527 (1-3)
Elongation at break MD  250-350 %  300-400 %  150-200 %  DIN EN ISO 527 (1-3)
Elongation at break CD  450-550 %  400-500 %  300-400 %  DIN EN ISO 527 (1-3)
Water solubility (water temperatures 20°C)    
Desintegration  40 s  15 s 5 s  PA-71 (internal method)
Dissolution  360 s 180 s 50 s  PA-71 (internal method)
Roll dimension    
Width  on request   
Roll diameter  max. 1,000mm   
Core diameter  76mm   


  • Water soluble film for deep drawing applications
  • Water soluble film for tabs in flowpacks
  • Home & Personal Care

characteristic properties (measurement conditions 23°C / 50% relative humidity)