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2021 eCommerce Wrap Up

The last few months of 2021 saw Mondi’s eCommerce Packaging experts present on panels and webinars to highlight new developments and progress in the industry, emphasising sustainability and growing customer demands.

There’s increasing pressure on eCommerce businesses to improve their shipping operations and packing efficiency to lower their environmental impact, especially when online sales boomed during the Pandemic. 

Fit for purpose packaging solutions play a significant role in meeting this need. We take a deep dive into how end-to-end optimisation in packaging, from shipping to customer unboxing, makes it sustainable by design. 

Recap of E-PACK with Daniela Dorner, Mondi Group eCommerce Director, and Pieter Klep, Mondi Paper Bag Sales Manager

Daniela Dorner and Pieter Klep’s presentation on the E-PACK showed how eCommerce is here to stay, but it must be green while meeting consumer needs. Research shows that 3 out of 4 online shoppers prefer eCommerce packaging that is reusable and recyclable and that environmentally responsible packaging can boost sales.

The presentation highlighted Mondi’s EcoSolutions customer-centric approach and the value of innovation for sustainable packaging. Daniela unveiled Corrugated Solutions’ latest investment in innovation and how it has continuously been a frontrunner in the market, consulting with clients on combining unique design and reaching their sustainability goals.

With 25 Mondi plants and mills dedicated to eCommerce packaging and production within 10 countries, a growing multi-material portfolio with 15 end-uses caters to current consumer demands. The MAP2030 strategy further outlines Mondi's actions to meet ambitious 2030 sustainability goals.

(Source: Mondi Consumer Research 2020)

Mondi also spoke about the history of the paper MailerBAG, which combines fast packing and low shipping costs whilst retaining product protection and eco-friendly packaging with easy closing, opening and re-closure for returns.

  • 350 million MailerBAGS could replace around 7,000 tons of plastic materials.
  • The EU recycling rate of paper is 83.2%, meaning more people are likely to recycle paper bags.

(Source FLX market: Statista, Smithers Pira, Mondi calculation)

Sustainability Panel with Nedim Nisic, Mondi Corrugated Solutions eCommerce Manager 

The concept of sustainability is at the fore of eCommerce and is constantly changing and progressing in this relatively young industry. Nisic discusses this subject during the online panel discussion entitled “Confronting Sustainability Challenges in eCommerce” at the Sustainable Packaging Summit.

Since the emphasis on sustainability practices propelled exponentially with the Pandemic, the eCommerce industry is working against a greater urgency to tackle and solve the challenges faced in the end-to-end supply chain because of the growth of online shopping.

Nedim Nisic highlights how Mondi is:

  • Continuing to reduce the use of plastics with increased and innovative uses of corrugated and paper materials.
  • Right-sizing and optimising packaging so it is fit for purpose, tackling the concept of convenience for the customer and sustainability of materials with a single solution.
  • Testing alternative materials to move closer to 100% recyclable solutions. 

The presentation – with Daphne Vogelgesang-Deledica, Chief Innovation Officer at Blue Box Partners, Irvna Zender, Senior Manager Packaging International at HelloFresh, Stephane Tomczak, CEO and founder at DELIVER, and host Time Skyes, Brand Director at Packaging Europe – is available to view for free here. Registration is required.

eCommerce Insights – Packaging Europe Video

Continuing the sustainability discussion, Daniela Dorner, Group eCommerce Director, Mondi Group talks with Libby Munford, Editor of Packaging Europe, about the needs and challenges of sustainable eCommerce in the European market and how fit for purpose packaging can be part of the solution. 

View the full video here.

Tackling sustainability together

With eCommerce businesses knowing they need to be a part of the solution for best sustainable practice, Mondi ensures that suitable educational materials and insights are readily available. 

We are keen to collaborate with our customers and support them to reach their sustainability goals. Working together, we can make a positive impact on this fast-growing industry.


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