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Recognising the importance of eCommerce packaging on consumers' purchase decisions and the environment

When it comes to online shopping, a consumer’s final purchase decision goes beyond low cost and fast delivery. They have also become more conscious of making a positive environmental impact, expecting their shipment to arrive in sustainable and right-sized packaged material to reduce the overall footprint.

As more orders are placed, so are the demands for sustainable practices in the packaging end-to-end supply chain. In recognising that, what is the importance of eCommerce packaging to solve these challenges faced by the eCommerce market?

Consumer expectations and loyalty are driven by sustainability expectations

Annual Mondi consumer trend research highlighted the environmentally-focused consumer demands and expectations when it comes to shopping online:

  • There has been year-on-year growth in online shopping, especially amongst Silver Surfers (age 55+) – the strongest growing eCommerce consumer segment. However, consumers of all ages buying online favour eCommerce packaging that is ‘green’.
  • There is a high demand for packaging that is both practical and sustainable, with customers preferring eCommerce packaging that is reusable for returns (79%), easily foldable (69%) and recyclable (82%).
  • A positive ‘unboxing’ experience inspires repeat purchases. From packaging design to ease of opening and easy disposal, these factors play a part in retaining brand loyalty.
  • Environmentally responsible packaging can be a driver of sales. Almost half of the surveyed consumers (48%) would be willing to pay up to three Euros extra to receive their online purchases in environmentally friendly packaging.

Learn more about Mondi's Consumer study.

Making eCommerce packaging and online shopping more sustainable

When we look at consumer expectations, combined with the practicalities in the supply chain, what do we do that makes eCommerce packing sustainable by design?

  • Continue to reduce the use of plastics with increased and innovative uses of corrugated and paper materials. Paper is the world’s most recycled material and can be sourced in a sustainable way that reduces greenhouse gas emissions, maintains zero deforestation, and safeguards biodiversity and water resources.
  • Focus on right-sizing and optimising packaging so it is fit for purpose, tackling the concept of convenience for the customer and sustainability of materials with a single solution.
  • Make ongoing testing of alternative materials to move closer to 100% recyclable solutions.

Mondi sets ambitious science-based plans to transition to Net-Zero by 2050. And the MAP2030 (Mondi Action Plan 2030) further outlines the actions to meet our ambitious 2030 sustainability goals, with commitments to specific responsible business practices, environmental regulations and innovation. Circular driven solutions created by empowered people while taking action on climate. Our criteria for circular solutions is to have 100% of our portfolio being reusable, recyclable or compostable by 2025.

Sustainable solutions to meet market demands

Mondi continues to listen to customer and market needs to develop its Mondi Group eCommerce multi-material portfolio to match the online shopping needs of customers and end-consumers. The result is a portfolio of products including kraft and functional barrier paper, paper bags and corrugated solutions to contribute to a better world fit for the challenging eCommerce supply chain expectations.

With 25 Mondi plants and mills dedicated to eCommerce packaging and production within 10 countries, this growing multi-material portfolio with 15 end-uses caters to current consumer demands globally.

When it comes to finding solutions, Mondi’s in-house designers support customers in finding the perfect packaging for their products to be packed, protected and unwrapped in a way that’s sustainable by design.

Sustainability is cost-saving with the 3e factor for online marketplaces and brand owners

From end-to-end optimisation in packaging and shipping to customer unboxing, Mondi has developed a host of solutions that make eCommerce packaging solutions e-conomic, e-fficient and e-asy.

As eCommerce booms and environmental awareness becomes a core factor in purchase, we are here to support you in finding the ideal solutions to reach your sustainability goals across the entire online shopping supply chain.


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