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Creating a successful eCommerce packaging design to ship craft beer assortments

With online shopping at its peak during the festive season, eCommerce companies face increasing pressure to ship products swiftly, securely and sustainably. When it came to finding a solution for a fragile Yuletide product for Austrian start-up, Kalea, we delivered. Mondi's made-to-fit, cost-saving corrugated e-packaging solution for their Advent Beer Calendar saw the product storm the Christmas gift market.

Challenge #1: Guarantee product safety during long-haul shipping

With Kalea starting to move from traditional supply chain channels to online sales and quickly expanding e-shipments to global markets, the main concern was how to ensure their 24 carefully selected craft beer bottles would reach their destination fully intact. The solution would not only have to prevent the fragile glass bottles inside the box from moving around and breaking but also include durable packaging material that could withstand changing humidity conditions during overseas transport.

Challenge #2: Save time and shrink shipping costs

Smaller eCommerce operations that experience quick growth need to overcome operational limitations and logistic challenges. To reduce costs and to handle increasing orders with the same staff, Kalea needed an improved and tailored packaging solution suitable for both, offline and online sales channels.

Challenge #3: Create the ultimate brand experience

A product’s overall appearance is just as important as its quality, to build brand awareness and encourage future orders. For Kalea, the Advent Beer Calendars’ seasonal design has to be revamped every year whilst maintaining the recognisable look and feel of the first edition. The need was to merge the brand´s sophisticated artwork with eco-friendly materials, which consumers could easily dispose of for recycling.

  • Lower breakage rate.

    A breakage rate of close to zero helps safe guard Kalea´s reputation.

  • More shipments per hour.

    15% more packages are ready to ship per hour.

  • Significant reduction in shipping costs.

    40% more Advent Calendar Beer boxes are now stacked per pallet during transportation.

  • Online sales success.

    The high-quality box helped the Kalea brand achieve an increased order of plus 50.000 shipments in one year.

Result: A seasonal product on everyone’s wish list

Taking the three challenges on board, we developed a Advent Calendar box made from corrugated board to snugly and securely hold 24 German craft beers.

Unique construction and unpacking

  • Mondi delivered structural design adjustments and a highly protective divider system fit to perform with several different craft beer bottle types and sizes.
  • The new and tailored solution with a more efficient insert saves time on the assembly and the filling of the packaging. A change of dimensions helped to slim valuable pallet space in delivery to stores and online marketplaces, which reduces transport costs and emissions.
  • The overall design is both quick to assemble and easy to take apart at home, with a handle for easy carrying. Its round, perforated cut-outs enable the customer to take the beer straight from the box and into the fridge.

Strong and high-quality materials

  • The strong and durable characteristics of the board can withstand humidity and moisture during overseas shipment.
  • The high-quality offset printed corrugated material allows for premium appearance and boosts brand image.



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