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Mondi Corrugated Solutions scores six wins at the 2021 WorldStar Packaging Awards. Mondi in total won eight awards

Mondi Corrugated Solutions has scooped six awards across two categories at the 2021 WorldStar Packaging Awards, as it continues to pave the way as the home of innovation. The FloralBox, EnvelopeMailer and SupremeBox eCommerce packaging solutions were once again in the spotlight.

The annual competition, established by the World Packaging Organisation, sets out to judge the achievements in packaging innovation and technologies worldwide. With entries from 55 countries, the focus on sustainability, product protection and end-user convenience highlights the very best solutions invented in the industry.

Click here to see all eight Mondi WorldStar Packaging Awards: 

Mondi is setting new standards and industry benchmarks and recognised for it

The Mondi WorldStar Award-winning products include revolutionary eCommerce packaging solutions that limit excess filling materials, have dual-functionality and flexibility, and are sustainable when it comes to space saving in transit and recyclable materials.


“We are delighted to be recognised in this way. It proves that once more, Mondi is the home of innovation for our customers. Our in-house design teams, together with our partners, deliver innovative, sustainable solutions to various industries. One example is eCommerce packaging, where we are setting new standards in innovation. Our focus here is on reducing costs and material waste, contributing to a better world and consulting our customers every step of the way.” Tarik Aniba, Sales & Marketing Director, Mondi Corrugated Solutions.

Multi-award winning eCommerce solutions

Following the recent success at the Czech Obal Roka and Turkish Ambalaj Ay Yıldızları Awards, the FloralBox, EnvelopeMailer and SupremeBox are the star trio of product solutions that continue to rack up the accolades.

1. EnvelopeMailer

Mondi’s Bupak team in the Czech Republic has been rewarded once again for its sustainable efforts for the EnvelopeMailer.

Chosen for how it has revolutionised eCommerce packaging, the EnvelopeMailer limits bubble wrap padding and excess filling material to provide sustainable measures in the product packing and shipping cycle.

Made to fit single or multi-items and rectangular and irregular shapes up to 7 cm in height, the EnvelopeMailer’s high flexibility in the fulfilment process, efficiency in handling and economical use of material and space make it an all-around new standard in the market.

  • The corrugated mailer's unique hybrid design is flexible for flat, elevated or boxed shipment – an alternative to PE-bubble foil padded paper and plastic e-mailer bags.
  • Recyclable and biodegradable – made 100% from renewable resources.
  • Instantly ready to pack and close, the snug fit increases product safety and reduces cargo space in transit, lowering transport emissions.


2. FloralBox 

Our Mondi Tire Kutsan team in Turkey gained further recognition for the dual-function Floral Box.

FloralBox is an eCommerce solution offering a modular system to securely ship potted plants of different types and sizes and in various combinations. The one-for-all insert accommodates different protection needs, with consumers delighted by the pristine condition the plants arrive in alongside the positive unboxing experience.

  • Flexible packaging that allows up to six different types and sizes of products to be shipped means the producer needs only one packaging type.
  • The 100% corrugated solution avoids plastic fillers. Inserts are used as fixations to prevent smaller plants from tumbling or to shield sensitive petals from heavy convulsions in transit.
  • The dual functionality is revealed by easily using the insert right side up or upside down. The packaging becomes a flower stand, before being disposed of without negative impact on the environment.


3. SupremeBox

The Mondi Warszawa team in Poland continue to gain distinction for their game-changing 4-height SupremeBox.

The flexibility of the 4-height SupremeBox with tapeless closure allows for the faster and easier sizing and packing of eCommerce shipping boxes, advancing the market standard by avoiding the need for numerous box sizes in the fulfilment process.

  • A four-tier, instant size-adjustable construction eliminates the need for multiple box sizes, reducing the need for air cargo and the number of trucks on the road.
  • A reinforced, automatic bottom and integrated tapeless closure strip aids a faster packing process, reduces damage in transit and provides easy open and return.  
  • The made-to-fit box is made from recyclable materials, creating a positive environmental impact in the booming eCommerce space.

Mondi is the home of innovation, with in house design teams to find unique packaging solutions for each customer

Our achievements are nothing without the relationships we have with our customers. Creating innovative and sustainable solutions in collaboration with them, sets new benchmarks in the industry.

It allows us to strive to overcome new challenges and eCommerce packaging needs. A great example is the FloralBox, developed in partnership with Queen Agriculture that saw Internet sales increase with the introduction of the product and its positive unboxing experience.

Ebru Akgun Ozdemir, Marketing and Brand Manager of Queen Agriculture explains why they chose to work with Mondi: “As our innovative solutions partner, Mondi helps us to satisfy growing customer demands. We can deliver plants of different types and sizes intact and without unnecessary plastics, because of the versatility and durability of the FloralBox. We feel confident we can continue to innovate our product delivery offering with Mondi’s support.”

There is no eCommerce without eCommerce packaging, and as we strive to find solutions to meet the demands of a fast-growing market - there is no packaging without Mondi.


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The EnvelopeMailer not only offers highly effective protection, but also dispenses with the additional padding often used in plastic or paper shipping bags. 

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