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Mondi’s BCoolBox is a sustainable innovation to the surge in online grocery shopping

Mondi expands the eGrocery portfolio with sustainable wine bottle shipping solutions

Expanding its eGrocery packing portfolio, Mondi has released VinoBox the new product line for wine shipping, which adds to the company's eBottle portfolio. It enables beverage retailers to conveniently ship a range of bottle types.

The increase of online orders has seen wine and spirits producers and retailers struggle to find an efficient and cost-effective way to deliver shipments with multiple bottle orders and mixed bottle sizes. In response to this challenge, Mondi designed a unique corrugated line, setting new market standards within eCommerce packaging.

Streamlining the eGrocery portfolio in a growing market

Five VinoBox variations – VinoBoxClass, VinoBoxClub, VinoBoxCasual, VinoBoxSelect and VinoBoxSprint – allow online retailers to adapt packaging to all order sizes and shapes.

With its 100% corrugated and fully recyclable packaging layers and inserts, the VinoBox line is also an environmentally friendly option for sellers and their customers.

VinoBox is the latest product range in Mondi’s eGrocery segment of e-shop solutions for wine, spirits, and craft beers, an addition to an already popular BCoolBox solution for temperature-controlled goods.

Introducing the Mondi VinoBox Portfolio 

  1. VinoBoxClass – for premium packaging
    The VinoBoxClass is designed with style and superior presentation in mind for optimal customer experience. 
  1. VinoBoxClub – the timesaving packaging choice
    The VinoBoxClub features a pull-up insert combining stability and time efficiency in packing multi-bottle orders.
  1. VinoBoxCasual – an easy-fold packaging system
    The VinoBoxCasual is a fast and easy folding solution for efficient pre-packing logistics.
  1. VinoBoxSelect – efficiency for small-quantity orders
    The VinoBoxSelect is made for small-quantity orders, such as a single bottle sample or gift.
  1. VinoBoxSprint – the one-part packaging solution
    The VinoBoxSprint is a highly efficient, one-part packaging system for shipping up to six wine bottles.

Mondi continues to expand solutions for the online food and drink shopping market 

“We are proud to introduce the new VinoBox line to our portfolio, which continues to position Mondi as the place to go for a wide choice of products that serve the needs of online retailers and customers in the growing eCommerce market. This expansion of the range enables us to widen our opportunities to help customers find new applications in the eGrocery end-use,” says Tarik Aniba, Sales & Marketing Director Corrugated Solutions.

“In the past few months, a cross-regional team worked hard to review our solutions, listen to customer and market needs, and develop features and products which address the different challenges in the bottle shipping processes. The outcome is a portfolio which is already attracting great interest from a host of online retailers, with some ongoing commercial discussions already in place,” adds Andrea Richardson, the Project Marketing Lead during the development process of this portfolio.

With any product development, we research, listen and evaluate our customers’ requirements and needs to address issues across the entire supply chain. Combined with a focus on having an environmentally friendly footprint, our packaging is a solution to a problem and sustainable by design.

Keen to learn more about our VinoBox portfolio?
Here are your contacts: Maciej.Sawina[at] (POL), Janina.Ruof[at] (CE)

More information and details about the portfolio also to be found on our e-shop solutions portal.


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