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Mondi’s BCoolBox is a sustainable innovation to the surge in online grocery shopping

With the pandemic propelling a 10% increase in online grocery shopping*, Mondi found a solution for the safe and sustainable transportation of fresh produce with the development of the new BCoolBox.

With 28% of Europeans in urban areas ordering online and 80% planning to continue buying groceries online after the pandemic, according to the PWC study “Global Consumer Insights Survey 2020”, this innovation is a reliable packaging solution for an expanding eCommerce market. We help eCommerce companies decrease total packaging costs, reduce waste and delight consumers – in different shapes and forms.

Responding to demands for efficiency in a new growing market

E-grocery door-to-door delivery is one of the most cost-intensive segments** within the eCommerce market. Food needs to be packed and delivered quickly to ensure it stays fresh on its journey from the store to the consumer or pick-up station. 

Online retailers required a highly efficient packaging solution and a sustainable alternative for temperature-controlled products. Mondi delivered an innovative solution, which can be adapted individually towards each customer’s needs.

Sustainably fresh delivery with BCoolBox

The BCoolBox is a corrugated packaging system with thermo-insulation to keep perishable food cool while in transit. 

  • It is made from 100% recyclable packaging material that can be disposed of easily after delivery. 
  • Thermo-insulation keeps food chilled below 7° Celsius for up to 24 hours, mitigating food waste and expanding the geographical reach for deliveries.
  • Inner corrugated panels with special perforation enclose the shipment from all sides, providing enhanced insulation.
  • Maintaining a consistent temperature and removing the need to use cooling trucks makes it a cost-effective shipping solution.

“The BCoolBox is yet another example of our innovative mindset to serve the eCommerce market. With our in-house experts, we consult our partners to find the ideal packaging for their goods and develop solutions created especially for them. Therefore, we are happy to get in touch with you to find the right form of BCoolBox for your individual needs,” says Nedim Nisic, eCommerce Manager at Mondi Corrugated Solutions.

“Our approach is to listen to our customers and evaluate their needs along the entire supply chain. We aspire to create packaging for the eCommerce sector that is sustainable by design. This corrugated packaging solution expands our wide offer for the online grocery market,” adds Tarik Aniba, Sales & Marketing Director, Mondi Corrugated Solutions.

“Besides enabling customers to ship chilled food without the need for air conditioning trucks – a big advantage we are bringing to the market – we are also offering something truly innovative, which is a 100% recyclable solution. We are working with many companies who have approached us since the official launch of BCoolBox, as they strive to find the solution to their continuously increasing recycling requirements,” Tarik commented further.

We are always evolving and responding to change

We strive in Mondi to innovate, even in times of crisis and new demand, while we continue to work closely with our customers and respond to their instant supply chain needs.

“The BCoolBox is the first of many developments we hope to see in our solutions for chilled foodstuffs, expanding Mondi’s offering in the fast-growing e-grocery market while keeping it sustainable for a better world. We are already working with many customers on pilots to define the customized BCoolBox solution fitting to their supply chain processes,” added Nedim Nisic. 


* Source: PWC study “Global Consumer Insights Survey 2020”.
** Source: Packaging World Special Report on eCommerce. Compared to a brick and mortar grocery basket, the statistic shows that for every e-grocery basket worth 100 EUR, the cost is 13 EUR more in operational costs.

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