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Annual Mondi trend research about consumer behaviour towards eCommerce packaging in CEE

  • Corrugated packaging top of online shopping trends
  • Increase in online shopping is here to stay, but it must be green

The Value of Corrugated Packaging. A quantitative survey in five Central Eastern European Countries conducted by Karmasin Research for Mondi in November 2020.

The latest insights into online shopping behaviours and packaging expectations have shown that corrugated packaging is once again the preferred packing material, with the protection of goods and environmentally friendly factors remaining the top two customer concerns.

We are ordering more than ever before

Online orders increased significantly in 2020, with Covid-19 accelerating the demand. 45% of people are ordering more than ever before, with many ordering several times per month.

  • Online shopping is not only utilised mostly by younger people (55%) and women (47%), but research highlighted how older people have also started to order more online goods.

There was more time for browsing. Consumers in all countries not only bought more but also experienced new online retailers, websites and brands.

  • In all countries clothes and shoes are the most popular items bought online by 41%, but also beauty/toiletries, books, electrical items and medicine are purchased more often by at least 22%.
  • Almost 50% made new online purchases since the start of the pandemic.
  • 86% of those who made their first online purchase will continue to shop online (in all age groups).

Who shops the most?

  • Poland (60%) is the country with the highest increases in eCommerce use. Austria has the lowest (50%).

Demand for protection of goods and environmentally friendly elements

More orders mean more packaging, which results in a higher environmental impact, but the results show people do care about the effects. The survey gave insight into an evenly distributed attitude to positive "packaging aspects" amongst women and men, as well as across all the individual age groups.

In all countries, the focus on the protection of goods was revealed as the most critical aspect when receiving products, even more so than last year. Yet, equally as necessary is the desire for the packaging itself, and the disposal of it, to be environmentally friendly.

  • Over two-thirds of people dislike oversized packaging or too much packaging, and three-quarters of people prefer paper as the filling material.
  • More people want the security that packaging material will be recycled (74%) and the same number want to see the use of sustainable types of outer and internal packaging material.
  • This ecological aspect of packaging is most important to Austrians and Germans.

People love corrugated packaging

Once again (as our 2019 research also proved), corrugated packaging was the top choice in all countries as the solution to meet protection, easy packing and positive environmental factors. Nearly 60% of respondents agreed that it meets the demands for packaging that is easily opened, reused and disposed of sustainably.

  • One in every five respondents agreed that corrugated packaging is ideal because of its flexibility.
  • 40% prefer it for its uncomplicated opening, 42% for its easy reuse in comparison to other materials and 38% for the easy return shipment.
  • The majority of people are willing to pay more for a carton packaging that meets all needs. 

The joy of receiving packages

Despite the pandemic push towards eCommerce, customers reported it was still a positive experience overall. While "unboxing" as a term is not broadly known, 77% of those who had heard of it indicated they experience joy when opening a package. The trend is catching on.

  • Younger people know and understand the trend of unboxing much better (68%)
  • Unboxing is most known in Romania (57%). 

Responding to consumer demands

The Karmasin Survey of over 3,000 people in Germany, Austria, Poland, Romania and the Czech Republic shows that as the growth of online shopping continues, so does the awareness of the impact of the packaging needed to support the delivery. We are proud to be a part of a movement in the industry in producing sustainable packaging solutions our customers are both calling for and expecting, in contributing to a better eCommerce cycle.



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