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When it comes to sustainable transportation of goods, corrugated board is still the go-to material

Turn packaging into an eCommerce asset

Shopping online is a growing trend to stay. By 2021 eCommerce sales are projected to reach around USD 4.9 trillion worldwide. Here at Mondi we understand that the nature of eCommerce requires packaging to deliver more. The right e-retail packaging solution can help you to turn a box into a real asset that is more than simply a shipping container.

Where do you see opportunities to boost your bottom line and support a healthy planet? 

Here are some examples of how we help you ensure the 3e in your packaging and best return on your packaging investment.

Our approach to optimising:


Fast packaging,
less time.

When did you last analyse your packaging process? Did you know that by adjusting the packaging you can increase your output and reduce labour and storage costs by a total of up to 40%?

Our approach to optimising processes:

Adjusting the packaging to the layout of the pack station

Combine as many items in as few shipping boxes as possible

Solutions that can be made ready (assembled, filled and closed) quickly

One-piece packaging


Less air,
more goods.

Which options do you consider when seeking to optimise distribution? Did you know that transport boxes that are larger than the product they contain give rise to unused cargo space and higher transportation costs?

Our approach to optimising distribution:

Adjusting dimensions for optimal utilisation of pallets for the efficient transport to distribution centers

Stackability of single packs in freight space

Eliminate voids in the packaging

Choose flat packaging types where possible


Better protection,
less waste.

Do you measure your costs involved with faulty shipments and complaint handling? How would you measure the impact on your reputation?  56% of online shoppers have received at least once a damaged package from their online stores. In 50% of these cases the packaging was not only quashed but torn or punctured which resulted in 20% of all cases also in a damaged product.

Our approach to optimising protection:

Optimise packaging strength with adequate material and construction.

Separators, inserts, cushioning to protect goods in one shipment

Grease and leak-proof, moisture and water resistant packaging

Tamper proof construction and closure


Better experience,
excited costumers.

How many good experiences build brand loyalty? Do you measure your customers‘ and the market‘s satisfaction with your deliveries? You should: 48% of consumers say oversized packaging is wasteful and impractical for disposal. 61% of consumers claim that they expect to use the initial packaging for returns, yet they say only about half the packaging is well suited. Convenient handling is expected for opening, return or disposal – after all the number of unboxing videos shared via social media is rising.

Our approach to optimising consumer experience:

Intact product

Sustainable packaging and easy disposal

Easy open, handling instructions

Easy re-close for return


Equal performance,
lower footprint.

Have you ever asked yourself what packaging can do for the environment? In 20% of damaged packaging cases, the product was damaged as well. This means increased waste and CO2 emissions through return and reshipment of the product. 62% of consumers prefer paper based packaging over plastic mailers and consider brown paper more sustainable than white paper.

Our approach to lowering the environmental footprint:

Monomaterial solutions

Optimised material usage

Renewable, recycled and responsibly sourced material.


SIOC - Ship in own container


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