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The eCommerce industry and online ordering are experiencing a spectacular surge in growth. And as your business develops in line with higher volumes, so do the requirements for e-conomic, e-fficient and e-asy packaging with a positive environmental impact.

This video outlines how, in working together, we can go beyond a one size fits all strategy to deliver smart and sustainable solutions for successful eCommerce business expansion. Both for the protection of goods and the unboxing experience, efficient supply chains and sustainable disposal and reuse. We even go beyond packaging tips, highlighting the importance of social media promotion and targeted content in getting your product and business story out there – spreading the word about a smarter and better eCommerce world.



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Filling the gap between a mailer and a small box, the SizeMeMailer is a one of its kind solution for quick and smooth height adjustability.


The e-shop DelightBox is designed to get it all right. Ready for packing with one pull and with one movement it is tightly closed – a true time saver and a light weight in transport.

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