Sustainable by Design

There’s no single route towards sustainability. It’s about finding the best one for our customers. As a manufacturer of paper and flexible plastic packaging, Mondi is uniquely positioned to find the most sustainable and suitable packaging solutions -paper where possible, plastic when useful.

We know that for many applications paper packaging is the best choice as it‘s made from a renewable resource and is fully recyclable. It is also a lot stronger than people realise.

However, there are applications where plastic solutions provide essential functionality that is difficult to replicate by any other packaging material – such as barrier properties for food or product preservation.

Our customer-centric approach EcoSolutions comes down to asking the right questions across the value chain to consider the needs of your business, your product and our planet.

EcoSolutions: Mondi’s customer-centric approach

Mondi’s approach centres around 3 actions to optimise packaging choices:

Replace less sustainable products with solutions that help our customers fulfil their commitments, following our principle of paper where possible, plastic when useful.

Reduce overall environmental footprint and the volume of raw material used through design, operational efficiency and raw material choices.

Recycle by developing fit-for-purpose paper and plastic packaging solutions that are designed for recycling.

Our EcoSolutions case studies


PerFORMing is a patented paper-based thermoformable solution that can reduce up to 80% plastic consumption compared with traditional trays by offering the same barrier properties. The tray is made with the speciality kraft paper, Advantage Formable brown, which offers a high symmetrical stretch for uniform formability as well as a natural look, and a special barrier coating.


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Advantage EcoComp

Advantage MF EcoComp is an unbleached, water-repellent paper that guarantees high strength properties. It has been developed specifically to produce bags used for the simple and neat collection and composting of organic kitchen waste

The use of EcoComp in a ventilated compost system mitigates the problems of a messy and smelly environment because the paper has a unique ability to absorb and remove moisture.


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Advantage Smooth White Strong

Advantage Smooth White Strong is a calendared speciality kraft paper that is ideal for pasta, sugar and flour bag applications because it combines excellent strength and printability. The high quality of the paper supports efficient converting.

The bag is made of mostly paper; also, the window can be made of paper for a more sustainable form of packaging. In Germany, Austria and Italy, the bag can be collected as paper for recycling.


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MailerBag & EnvelopeMailer

Our paper-based mailers EnvelopeMailer from corrugated material and MailerBag from sack kraft paper are true game changers and represent a value-adding and fully recyclable set of alternatives to plastic shipping bags.

Flat delivery, instant readiness to pack, self-closing adhesive and self-adjusting pack height ensure operational efficiency and well protected, tightly packed products with minimum volume in transport, thus reducing CO2 emissions. What´s more – a second closure strip supports hassle free returns for the consumer.


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BucketBox is a one-piece folding corrugated solution that is 100 percent leak-tight to the top thanks to its highly functional Paratherm® barrier coating. In hot filling applications, it is an alternative to difficult to recycle silicone barrier boxes and rigid plastic drums. Compared to the standard 3piece corrugated solutions in chemical applications it conserves 30% material and almost doubles the utilisation of pallet space.


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Mondi’s easy-pak is an automated bottom heavy-duty solution that achieves material and volume reduction for heavy-duty packaging. The large corrugated case with automatic bottom eliminates adhesive tape for bottom flap closure and speeds up the process. It also conserves material through optional board grades for the bottom and sides, and reduces total transport weight compared to folding box designs.


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The StripPouch is a 100-percent recyclable flexible pouch with detachable decorative panels that uses approximately 70% less material than rigid plastic bottles that hold the same volume.

The pioneering design overcomes many shortcomings of the recycling process by shredding and sorting both components into separate recycling streams and generates recycled material that will be equivalent in quality to the original material.


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BarrierPack Recyclable is a flexible, high barrier laminate packaging solution designed for the circular economy. The mono-material stand up pouch is ideally suited for food, pet care, home, and personal care products. It offers excellent shelf presence through high-definition flexo and gravure printing, and an optional re-sealable zipper provides consumer convenience.


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SPLASHBAG is a water-repellent paper sack with an outer ply of Mondi Advantage Protect that offers high-tensile strength in wet environments to prevent rupture. SPLASHBAG is rain resistant up to 6 hours and helps prevent moisture ingress if conditions are damp or humid during storage for up to 5 days.

What’s more, it sets new industry standard as it resists 2 hours longer than similar market solutions.


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After challenging existing e-commerce mailer solutions, Mondi developed the e-shop SizeMeMailer.

Its clever pull up construction and quick closure feature allows for faster filling. The integrated sidewalls solve the issue of unnoticed theft in transport.  In combination with crease lines, it easily adapts to three different height levels – reducing unnecessary amounts of air shipped. Thus, less traffic is needed to deliver a rising number of packages.


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