Finland is Europe’s number one coffee consuming nation; 12kg of raw coffee beans are consumed per capita per year1. Paulig Coffee is the market leader in Finland and the Baltics, and in Russia it is the second largest supplier of roasted coffee. Paulig has set a target to reduce its climate impact by 40% between 2015 and 2020. We commissioned an independent institute to analyse the production set-up at our Mondi Poznan operation (Poland) and found that substitution of standard PE with sugarcane bio PE can achieve an almost 10% reduction in the carbon footprint of this coffee packaging. The laminate supplied by Mondi ensures a high barrier against oxygen and light for improved protection. Mondi Poznan has scaled-up its bio PE capability for Paulig’s Mundo brand of high-quality aromatic coffee. The finished product will be offered in grocery stores across Finland for the first time during 2018.





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