The Turkish market is suffering from a steady increase in market prices resulting from food loss in the fresh fruit and vegetable supply chain (losses between field and wholesaler are estimated to amount to 25% of the 100 billion Turkish Lira (TRY) worth of fresh fruit and vegetable production in Turkey). In 2017, the Turkish Food Committee issued a new regulation on the transportation of fresh produce with the aim to reduce the rate of food loss in this industry. The association wants to encourage farmers and farming associations to invest in shipment and packaging systems. In 2017, Mondi launched a packaging solution for improved watermelon transportation and storage called ‘Watermelon’s Dream’. It is a corrugated cardboard carrying box offering a unique alternative to standard solutions and includes a window showing the product. The sustainability benefits lie in the special product design which makes it easy to assemble and stack onto trucks, saving transportation costs. In addition, the packaging reduces food waste by achieving 13% less damage to the watermelons in the supply chain. The watermelons are sorted into carrying boxes that protect them from damage during transportation. Efficient stacking of watermelons results in a 50% reduction in related CO2 emissions. Watermelon’s Dream received the WorldStar Packaging Award 2017.



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