Our Good Life Goals campaign laid out 85 ways people can contribute to the UN SDGs. We encouraged employees to make a personal commitment to ‘live the good life’ and help make the SDGs a reality. The campaign continued for 17 weeks with a different Good Life Goal in focus each week. The campaign materials – including videos, post cards, posters and social media communications – were translated into 11 languages. Everyone was invited to share their own videos showcasing their personal action on the topic of their choice. We shared videos of employee commitments on planetmondi, which included changing to a plant-based diet, cycling instead of driving to work, conserving water and making more conscious purchasing decisions such as sustainable fashion.

“The Good Life Goals aim to bridge the gap between the UN SDGs and the sustainable lifestyles movement. By linking each SDG with sustainable behaviours we can each make choices to contribute to a better world.” said Susan Brunner, Senior Sustainability Positioning Manager.


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Last update: 16 April 2021