Mondi directly employs over 5,000 people in its operations in Russia. Across many locations, actions taken in response to the 2018 employee survey are improving the employee experience with positive results.

At Mondi Syktyvkar, the 2018 survey highlighted a need to improve communication and collaboration across different parts of the business. ‘Working holidays’ were launched to allow colleagues from one part of the business to tour another and learn about what they do. Through jobshadowing, employees share knowledge, experience and best-practices.

Mondi Syktyvkar also identified a need to give special support to new employees to ensure they work safely. In their first year of employment, people now benefit from a safety campaign that includes a special logo on their clothing and helmets to encourage more experienced colleagues to support them with safety tips and instructions.

Flexible packaging plant, Mondi Aramil, held workshops and formed a social committee to consider how to improve their employee experience.

The first point of action was to improve the canteen. After an internal audit and a local follow-up employee survey, improvements delivered include a greater and healthier variety and quality of food and better service.

Mondi Aramil has taken the idea of the ‘working holiday’ a step further, developing a multi-skills training programme which enables people to develop the skills they need to fulfil more than one role. This means employees can switch between departments, boosting collaboration, career development and flexibility to meet Aramil’s business needs.

For packaging films plant Mondi Pereslavl, low employee morale was highlighted by the 2018 employee survey. Management has focused on improving the employee experience through new recognition and appreciation incentives that support a caring culture and recognise and reward employee achievements. Pereslavl has found that most of these actions do not require substantial funds, but rather a refinement of existing processes and a cultural change towards transparency, care and support that is already delivering positive results for employee engagement.

“As a new employee, I wore a t-shirt with a special logo for more than half a year and it really helped. I was free to ask questions and learn and people were tolerant and paid attention.” said Danil Bogdanovich, Mechanic Repairman at Mondi Syktyvkar.


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Last update: 16 April 2021