To have a meaningful impact on biodiversity and ecosystems, we need to act at different levels – from global to local and across different forest types and landscapes. Mondi, as global company with own local forestry operations, has a great opportunity to develop and promote best practices to drive positive change. “Thinking globally, acting locally” – it is the way we do. 

Globally, we contribute to international dialogues and processes and actively engage with international platforms and organisations to have a meaningful impact. Developing common approaches across forestry and other land uses also enables consistent measurement of environmental impacts and dependencies and effective monitoring to inform decision-making and target setting. We do it through memberships at WBCSD FSG, CISL NCIG, HCV RN and other international organisations; through our global WWF-Mondi partnership and the WWF’s Russian Boreal Forest Platform (BFP) and New Generation Plantations Platform (NGP).

Locally, we explore the new approaches and develop sustainable practices with local partners in our operational landscapes. Our long-term partnerships in Russia and South Africa deliver best-practice examples of conservation of biodiversity and natural capitals such as water, soil, wood (Table 1). For all local ecosystem stewardship projects, there are some common principles which we have found to be essential for achieving positive impact. They include: action on a landscape level, proactive multi-stakeholder engagement, assessment of biodiversity and natural capital, support for effective, practical implementation.

Key ecosystem stewardship initiatives in the landscapes where we operate.

  Russia South Africa
Biodiversity High Conservation Value Forests: inventory & protection of Intact Forest Landscapes in Komi Republic and adjacent territories of the neighbour regions in Russia
Partner: Silver Taiga Foundation & WWF Arkhangelsk
Mondi Ecological Networks Programme: design of effective ecological networks in forest plantations in South Africa
Partner: Stellenbosch University
Water Model river Mezen: restoration of fish resources and local community engagement on the Mezen river catchment in Komi Republic and Arkhangelsk Region
Partner: Silver Taiga Foundation
Water Stewardship Partnership: collaborative, catchment-wide action by forestry and agriculture sector partners across the catchments of uMngeni and uMhlathuze rivers
Partner: WWF South Africa
  Assessment of long-term impacts of logging operations on water resources on the upper sub-catchments of the Severnaya Dvina River, Komi Republic
Partner: Silver Taiga Foundation
Assessment of impacts of plantation forestry on freshwater ecosystems of the Piet Retief area
Partner: GroundTruth Water, Wetlands, and Environmental Engineering Consultants
Soll Assessment of impacts of forest logging operations on soils in Komi Republic
Partner: Komi Science Center and Silver Taiga Foundation
Assessment of impacts of fuel load management on soils in plantation forests
Partner: Stellenbosch University
Wood Developing intensive and sustainable forest management practices in secondary forests in north-western Russia
Partner: WWF Russia and Silver Taiga Foundation
Tree improvement programme: increasing productivity and resistance to pests and diseases
Partner: North Carolina State University, University of KwaZulu-Natal, University of Pretoria

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