Mondi’s Uncoated Fine Paper business and its office paper brand Snegurochka has launched a partnership with WWF Russia, to support a recovery programme for the reindeer population in Komi Republic and Kamchatka peninsula. The wild reindeer is one of the most significant rare, threatened and endangered species at regional and national levels and it has been included in the Red Book of Russia since 2019.

The programme involves research and mapping of wild reindeer migration routes over the course of a year ultimately aiming to protect the species from poaching and other disturbances.

Wild reindeer also depend on the boreal IFLs, which Mondi has worked to protect, together with WWF Russia and Silver Taiga Foundation, for more than a decade. In December 2019, we achieved establishment of the Koigorodsky National Park in the core of the last remaining IFL at the southern edge of the taiga forests. We continue work to ensure firm protection status for the remaining IFLs in the northern part of Komi Republic.

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Last update: 16 April 2021