To support our contractor safety management program we invited contractor leaders to our annual safe shut review sessions during which we engaged with them on the management of safety risks during our planned annual shuts. To support their efforts in leading safety and health in their teams we presented a safe shut gift box to each of the leaders. The box and its content act a primer to motivate leaders in taking responsibility for safety and health and actively engaging with their teams on returning home healthy each day of the shut.

Working safe and returning home healthy during shut activities ensures sustainable completion of the planned shuts. The risk of injury to our shut contractor partners is significantly mitigated by raising awareness of coming home safely and healthy each day of our shuts. Effective collaboration with the contractors by Mondi builds long-term trust relationships that support effective shuts and provides the contractor with references that support his application with other customers.

To promote our drive of sending everybody home safely, every day, the contractor safe shut gift box was implemented at our Frantschach, Swiecie, Stambolijski and Powerflute mills.

The gift box included a few essential tools to support this commitment, which are:

  • Explanatory letter from the site Managing Directors to shut contractor leaders linking each item in the box with a message.

  • Safety booklet consisting of the essential safety requirements that should be lived by all.

  • A pair of safety gloves with the message prompting the leaders to be “hands on” and demonstrate commitment to the safety and health requirements and in providing the required personal protective clothing and equipment.

  • A flashlight prompting leaders to highlight the importance of integrating safety and health into their respective team’s daily activities and in the drive of sending everybody home safely, every day.

  • A USB stick containing the relevant Mondi Rules & Requirements which should be used to train and instruct their employees

Because of a number of initiatives, including the shut gift boxes, we completed injury free shuts at our Frantschach, Swiecie, Stambolijski mills in 2019.



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