Good safety leadership positively influences the overall culture and supports team members in working safely and returning home healthy at the end of each day. In turn, developing team member’s safety ownership improves efficiency and supports team members in working safely. Safety incidents at Dynäs identified behaviour as a key contributing factor.

Investigations determined that lack of safety leadership competence contributed to unsafe behaviours and therefore Mondi Dynäs implemented a programme to address the concerns, which included the following: 

  • In February 2019, the site safety manger and union safety representatives were trained on the Balmert safety leadership tool set and evaluated the value of the tool.

  • Subsequently in May 2019, eighty seven leaders, both formal and informal, were trained at site on the safety leadership tool set.”

  • A tracking process was developed to monitor progress with regard to holding of pre-meetings, completion of assessments, refresher training and check card for the engagement tool.

  • In October 2019, a second group consisting of fifteen Mondi leaders and seventeen contractors’ leaders were trained.

  • Sixty six Dynäs leaders, from the May 2019 training sessions, received a third day (the drive for execution) of training in October 2019

  • Contractors that took part in this leadership training are now engaging with the tools and are required to provide regular feedback to Mondi that the tools are being used.

Seven months after initiation of the safety leadership program, the number of peer-to-peer observations and close call reporting significantly increased, thereby demonstrating that leaders are applying the tools actively, improving safety awareness and ownership. An internet-based action tracking system makes progress visible for all leaders.




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