Founded in 1915, our integrated pulp and paper mill in Kramfors (Sweden) is one of the largest brown sack kraft and speciality kraft paper producers in the world. It employs around 300 people, making it the second largest employer in the region. We conducted the mill’s first SEAT assessment in June 2019, engaging a wide range of stakeholders including employees, contractors, suppliers, union members, local and regional authorities, neighbours and communities, local media and local schools.

The process was well-received and positive reference was made to Mondi Dynäs’ contribution through:

  • being a secure and stable employer that provides good benefits and opportunities for development and growth;
  • being a reliable and fair business partner to contractors, suppliers and others;
  • demonstrating leadership on safety and health standards;
  • good communication with business partners, trade unions and others; and
  • improvements in environmental emissions over the last decade.

The process uncovered useful areas and ideas for improvement, in particular:

  • enhancing a sense of empowerment among employees and improving communication;
  • deeper employee engagement and communication on safety guidelines, especially when introducing new guidelines;
  • more thorough engagement of contractors on various aspects; and
  • need for enhanced communication with local communities, media, neighbours and other local stakeholders about the mill, its social and environmental impacts and performance.

The mill management responded to the issues raised and is now defining an action plan to address specific issues. The report will be published in 2020 in Swedish and English on our website and in print.


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