Reducing our specific environmental footprint while serving growing markets

At the end of January 2021, we started up the new 300,000 tonne kraft top white machine at Ružomberok (€370 million investment including the pulp mill upgrade commissioned in the second half of 2019). It will enable us to serve the growing markets for innovative and sustainable packaging solutions. This new containerboard grade called kraft top white combines the strength, printability and appearance of a white fresh fibre top layer with the economic and sustainability advantages of a recycled fibre bottom layer. By using the latest technology and a significant amount of recycled paper as a raw material, the machine will reduce the overall specific environmental footprint of the mill.

Mondi PM19


Curious to learn about our sustainability commitments?

This case study presents some of the actions we took that relate to our 2020 sustainability commitments under the Growing Responsibly model. To learn about our 2030 commitments please see MAP2030.


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Last update: 19 March 2021