Supporting the mental health of our people

Across the Group, supporting employees as they adapt and respond to the uncertainty and impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic has been a top priority. Our Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) has proven highly valuable in supporting people’s mental wellbeing. Our EAP partners have hosted webinars with managers and employees to promote mental and physical health during the pandemic.

We have focused on key topics raised in counselling – including anxiety and anxiety disorders, the burden of balancing home office with childcare and home-schooling responsibilities and crisis interventions for expat employees. We’ve put measures in place to address these issues and ramped up promotion of the EAP to encourage more people to use it. We surveyed production employees to monitor their mental wellbeing, using what we learnt to put specific measures in place for them. These included virtual meetings on key topics for employees and their families (such as dealing with change and uncertainty, stress management, etc.) and more flexible working options and shift planning to accommodate individual needs.


Curious to learn about our sustainability commitments?

This case study presents some of the actions we took that relate to our 2020 sustainability commitments under the Growing Responsibly model. To learn about our 2030 commitments please see MAP2030.


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