Our approach to reporting

Our reports focus on those sustainability issues that we consider to be most important to us and our stakeholders. Our 2015 suite of reports includes:

  • Our online Sustainable development report 2015, providing a comprehensive view of our approach to sustainable development and our performance in 2015.
  • Consolidated performance data, providing an easy and accessible way to allow comparisons of our performance in 2014 against our previous years on certain KPIs.
  • Looking back, moving forward: sustainable development 2015 printed publication, gives an overview of how we create sustainable value and highlights some of our biggest challenges and opportunities.
  • Our Integrated report and financial statements 2015 provides a comprehensive review of our financial performance and demonstrates how our commitment to sustainability has contributed to our strong performance across the business.

Our global context

The world has changed dramatically over the past decades.

Climate change is a critical global challenge, ecosystems continue to be degraded, natural resources are increasingly constrained and global demographics are shifting. It’s only by understanding and effectively responding to these issues that we will be able to secure a sustainable future for our business and our stakeholders:

Climate change, degradation of ecosystems, resource scarcity and emissions, business and human rights, emergence of new markets, demand for sustainable products, transparency and public awareness, collective action and international commitment to sustainable development.

Our response

We’ve held wide-ranging dialogues with stakeholders to develop our response to global challenges and their local consequences. We identified 10 action areas to be addressed across our value chain. These will shape our approach and guide our commitments to 2020 and beyond. Transparency, collaboration and innovation remain central to our approach.

10 action areas


We’ve reached the end of our latest five-year commitment period – and we’ve got much to be proud of. There is without doubt still lots to be done, but looking back, we have built a sound foundation on which to continue growing responsibly.

Stephen Harris

Chairman of the DLC sustainable development committee

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