Our approach to reporting

Our 2017 suite of reports includes:

Our global context

We operate in a changing world.

We operate in a rapidly changing world. With diverse and complex issues impacting on the wellbeing of society, the planet and business, we must find effective ways to support livelihoods and achieve sustainable economic growth, within the limits of the planet. Our success depends on effectively identifying and managing the risks and opportunities associated with the global trends that impact on our business, and working with others to find long-term solutions.

The UN Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) will drive collective action on a global level until 2030. They are also helping to shape how we respond as a business through our sustainability approach and commitments.

Please read more in our online Sustainable development report where we describe the key global issues affecting society and our business and how our response aligns to the UN SDGs.

Our response

Built on our past achievements and designed for our future success, our Growing Responsibly model is the framework through which we respond to our sustainability challenges and opportunities. As one of the Group’s strategic value drivers, it shapes our long-term response to sustainability issues and enables us to demonstrate, monitor and improve our sustainability performance in everything we do, across the entire value chain.

Although growing responsibly has long been part of our philosophy, our Growing Responsibly model was officially launched in our 2015 report. As one of our strategic value drivers, it provides a framework to demonstrate, monitor and improve the way sustainability is embedded in everything we do across our businesses and throughout the value chain.


Through this model, we’re able to demonstrate, monitor and improve our sustainability performance as well as our contribution towards achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Stephen Harris

Chair of the DLC sustainable development committee, Dec 2017

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