Our approach to reporting

Our 2016 suite of reports includes:

Our global context

We operate in a changing world.

Many complex issues affect society, livelihoods and the way we do business – from climate change and resource scarcity to biodiversity loss, deforestation and the shift in socioeconomic balance globally.
Collectively, we must find more effective ways to support business and livelihoods within the limits of the planet. At Mondi, we’re clear that our success depends on how we manage the risks and opportunities associated with the key global trends affecting our business, and how we work with others to find long-term solutions.
The UN Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) will drive collective action on a global level until 2030. They are also helping to shape how we respond as a business through our sustainability approach and commitments. Please read more in our online Sustainable development report where we describe the key global megatrends affecting society and our business:

  • Climate change
  • Resource security and industrial emissions
  • Shift in global socioeconomic balance
  • Increased transparency, connectedness and public awareness
  • Collective action and international commitment
  • Business and human rights
  • Water
  • Degradation of ecosystems and biodiversity
  • Occupational health and safety and
  • Demand for sustainable products

Our response

The sustainability challenges we face as a business and as a society are ever changing and increasingly complex. To support our long‑term strategy and deliver our local priorities, we rely on a robust framework which builds on what weve learned and achieved to address current and future risks and opportunities in a holistic and inclusive way. This helps us to grow responsibly and create value for our stakeholders long into the future.

Although growing responsibly has long been part of our philosophy, our Growing Responsibly model was officially launched in our 2015 report. As one of our strategic value drivers, it provides a framework to demonstrate, monitor and improve the way sustainability is embedded in everything we do across our businesses and throughout the value chain.


It’s a time of collaboration, collective action and holistic thinking, with an increased expectation for business to play a more active role. Our approach is well aligned with the current global sustainable development agenda and provides a strong foundation for future sustainable profitable growth.

Stephen Harris

Chairman of the DLC sustainable development committee

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