We believe businesses have a responsibility to help deliver on global sustainable development goals (SDGs)

Each year, we report on the global SDGs with the strongest links to our activities. Integrating the SDGs into our reporting brings focus and perspective to our own sustainability goals, strengthens our social relevance as a business, and helps us set targets that are more impactful.

Download our SDG index (2020) to learn how Mondi's activities contributed to the SDGs.

Action at scale

The complexity and ambition of the SDGs demand new types of partnership and collaboration. As a member of WBCSD’s Forest Solutions Group (FSG), we worked with other companies to develop the Forest Sector SDG Roadmap. Launched in mid-2019, the roadmap presents strategic opportunities and tangible actions to scale positive impacts and minimise negative effects through collaborative action on 2030 goals.

Learn about Mondi's other partnerships and global engagements to scale sustainable development.