We believe businesses have a responsibility to help deliver on global sustainable development goals (SDGs)

Each year, we report on our contribution to the global SDGs. We identified seven strategically relevant UN SDGs for Mondi. The strong link between our own activities and the UN SDGs brings focus and perspective to our own sustainability goals, strengthens our social relevance as a business, and helps us set targets that are more impactful.

Download our UN SDG Index (2021) to learn how Mondi's activities contribute to the UN SDGs.

Action at scale

The complexity and broad ambitions of the UN SDGs demand various partnerships and collaborations across the value chain. In 2021 we established new partnerships and made progress in existing collaborations to further contribute as a business to achieving the UN SDGs:

  • As a member of WBCSD’s Forest Solutions Group (FSG) we worked with others on the 'Forest Sector Net Zero Roadmap' which indicates the forest sector’s unique contribution to the transition to a net-zero economy. In addition, we established a partnership with the International Union of Forest Research Organizations (IUFRO), a science-business platform aiming to address climate change challenges along the forest value chain.
  • We announced a three-year partnership with the World Food Programme (WFP) with the aim of bringing in our expertise to improve packaging quality standards and support the delivery of nutritious food over long and complex humanitarian supply chains, while reducing food waste and environmental impacts.
  • We also worked in cross-value chain collaborations, such as 4evergreen and CEFLEX, to drive sustainable practices and the transition to a circular economy, for example developing design for circularity and design for recycling guidelines for paper-based and plastic-based packaging respectively.

Learn more about our partnerships and global engagements to scale sustainable development.