A skilled and committed workforce

With approximately 26,000 employees across more than 30 countries, our ambition is to experience that inspires and empowers a global workforce to deliver our Group strategy. Engaging and motivating our people to reach their full potential and providing opportunities for their personal and professional development ensures our business continues to grow and succeed.

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  • Creating meaningful employment is one of the most significant ways that business contributes to the livelihoods of individuals and communities
  • Today’s socially conscious employees want purposeful, rewarding careers that contribute social, economic and environmental value
  • Stakeholders expect business to contribute to employment, skills and technical capacity directly and through supply chains


  • Europe’s pulp and paper sector has seen fewer young people joining its workforce than in the past
  • Strong employer branding is integral to attracting and retaining new talent
  • Skilled employees enhance our human capital and contribute to improved performance. We depend on a talented and agile workforce to continue to lead and innovate against a backdrop of changing technologies, business models and the drive for sustainability
  • Engaging and inspiring our employees boosts productivity and increases our appeal to those who seek purposeful careers


Our commitments

  • Engage with our people to create a better workplace

Our performance in 2020

  • Key actions were taken across the Group in response to the previous employee survey, carried out in 2018
  • The Employee Assistance Programme was extended to cover 20,000 employees in 14 countries
  • We enhanced learning, in particular digital skills, through the Mondi Academy to support career development
  • We took steps to more systematically provide recognition and feedback to employees
  • Our most recent employee survey took place in March 2020, with outcomes and actions to be included in our next report


In focus Facilitating two-way communication at Mondi Gronau

Our 2018 employee survey found that employees at Mondi Gronau in Germany felt there was a lack of personal communication with the plant’s leadership, and they did not feel well informed as a result. In response, managers introduced the ‘shift dialogue’, a once-a-month event for each shift (totalling 23 dialogues per month) during which employees and leaders meet face-to-face, guided by the division manager. There is a brief review and outlook led by the shift leader followed by open questions and dialogue. Each dialogue is attended on a rotating basis by the Managing Director, Financial Director, Operations Director or Head of HR of the plant so that employees’ questions on management and strategy can be answered by a senior plant leader.

“We appreciate these regular discussions to address questions or concerns in person. It’s time well spent for all of us.”
Erwin Lüch,
Forklift Driver, Internal Material Logistics

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  • Target 8.6Substantially reduce the proportion of youth not in employment, education or training



  • Target 9.2 Promote inclusive and sustainable industrialisation and significantly raise our industry’s share of employment and gross domestic product