Employee and contractor safety and health

Over the past decade, we’ve seen open and honest discussions transform the way we engage in and take responsibility for safety. But while we’re among the safety leaders in our industry, unsafe behaviour continues to be a common factor in incidents. To achieve our ambition of sending everybody home safely every day, we need to create a culture where people act safely in everything they do.


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Why is this important to Mondi? +
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Creating a 24-hour safety mind-set +
  • The human cost of occupational accidents, diseases and industrial disasters is staggering, costing more than 2.78 million lives every year.
  • Beyond the impact on people, the economic burden of occupational accidents, diseases and major industrial disasters is estimated at around 4% of global GDP each year
  • Our operations involve high-risk activities that could affect people’s safety and health and stakeholders expect us to apply robust risk management controls and procedures to keep people safe


  • It’s a moral and a business imperative that we do everything we can to avoid harm to people’s safety and health while working at Mondi – including our employees, contractors and other people who have reason to be on Mondi sites
  • We care about our people; when an incident occurs it can be devastating to the injured and their family and colleagues
  • Safer operations are more efficient, profitable and successful, with employees and contractors more engaged
  • People are more likely to choose to work for us over those companies with poor safety performance


Our commitments

  • Avoid work-related employee and contractor fatalities
  • Prevent life-altering employee and contractor injuries
  • Reduce TRCR by 5% compared to 2015 baseline, including new acquisitions

Our performance in 2020

  • Two fatalities in 2020
  • 0.58 total recordable case rate in 2020
  • 23% reduction in total recordable case rate since 2015



In focus Creating a 24-hour safety mind-set

To ensure further improvement at the operations and aligned to the Mondi safety slogan “Work Safe, Home safe, Everybody, every day”, Corrugated Solutions decided to focus on attempting to change personal behaviours by touching the emotions of the employees by linking their actions not only to work but also on their private lives.

To do so, two safety videos were developed which were shown to all employees in the business segment followed by feedback and reflection sessions prompting employees to share their thoughts and feelings. Many of them stated that they would share the two videos with their families. This promotes safety at work and at home and therefore aligning our efforts to a 24-hour safety mind-set.

There has been a lot of positive feedback from Mondi employees. There is the feeling that the messages from the videos made a personal impression on them and as a result has increased self-awareness of their behaviours both at work and in their private lives.

Follow the link: https://mondi.app.box.com/s/s1xedelqyliwxiya4ymlkn3ec9xalfgv

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  • Target 8.8 Protect labour rights and promote safe and secure working environments for all workers