Supplier conduct and responsible procurement

In today’s globally connected economy, supply chain transparency has become a priority for stakeholders worldwide. It is a complex challenge that requires cooperation across the value chain. We are improving transparency and managing our impacts by partnering with suppliers to build a responsible and inclusive supply chain.

Why is this important to our stakeholders? +
Why is this important to Mondi? +
Our commitments & performance +
Mitigating risks through responsible procurement +
  • Our business impacts both upstream and downstream of our operations
  • Stakeholders expect businesses to manage their adverse impacts and bring about positive change through their supply chains, including tackling issues such as labour and human rights
  • Our customers require increasingly detailed information about how we manage our supply chain to manage their own risks and responsibilities


  • A responsible supply chain is crucial to sustainable business growth; it delivers far reaching benefits such as mitigating risks and engaging with suppliers who have a similar mind-set
  • Working collaboratively enables us to support meaningful change across issues like labour rights, carbon emissions and water stewardship, and to manage our reputational risk
  • As suppliers shift production to emerging markets, it is crucial we manage our risks in countries that have potentially weaker governance


Our commitments

  • Encourage supply chain transparency and promote fair working conditions together with our key suppliers

Our performance in 2020

  • Further rolled out the responsible procurement process and screened 1,000 suppliers in 2020.
  • We received a score of A in CDP’s 2020 Supplier Engagement Rating.


In focus Mitigating risks through responsible procurement

In procurement, the focus is normally on cost, quality, orders and delivery times, and not necessarily environmental and social risks. Having a close relationship with our suppliers gives us a good understanding of their reliability and overall performance, but do we know whether they provide their employees and contractors with a secure, safe and healthy working environment? And can we be confident that our suppliers minimise their impacts on water, land, air and biodiversity? For this reason, we have developed a multi-stage responsible procurement process to identify those suppliers with a high risk.

We are committed to working closely with all suppliers and to supporting them to address their sustainability risks. We begin by sharing our sustainability policies and engaging with suppliers on specific topics of relevance. When suppliers are unresponsive, we seek to understand the reasons why and find solutions together.

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