From challenge to emergency, from need to urgency – we are now entering the ‘Decade of Delivery’. With just 10 years left to meet the globally agreed UN SDGs, the time for action is now. Citizens and communities around the world are rising up to make their voices heard. With the private sector accounting for 75% of global GDP, businesses must mobilise to accelerate the market and system transformation that is needed to solve the unprecedented, complex issues facing our planet and society.

We operate in a fast-paced world with diverse and complex issues impacting the planet, society and the way we do business. Our success is built on our ability to anticipate and respond to the challenges and opportunities we face today and in the future, partnering with others to find long-term solutions.

Today’s sustainability issues are both globally complex and systemic – meaning the solutions must address interdependencies and interrelationships that cover many different issues and areas. From the rise of automation and digitalisation and their impact on the future workforce, to the shift towards circular models of consumption and production and what that means for traditional manufacturing – every business and every sector needs to respond.

Our response

Our Growing Responsibly model is the framework through which we respond to sustainability challenges and opportunities, and address societal challenges, including contributing to the UN SDGs and other global initiatives. It is integral to our future success.

Growing Responsibly lies at the heart of our business strategy to drive value accretive growth, sustainably. It enables us to demonstrate, monitor and improve our sustainability performance across the value chain.




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