Purpose, impact and scale:
Making a real contribution to the UN SDGs

Stakeholder expectations of business taking an active and central role in tackling global development challenges have increased significantly. At Mondi we believe that the primary contribution of any business to the SDGs is through job opportunities, taxes and social and economic development. Beyond these however, real and lasting positive change can only be achieved by considering our impacts, targeting our response, collaborating with key players and stakeholders and scaling our efforts

Each year we report on the SDGs that have the strongest links with our Growing Responsibly activities all over the world. This year, we’ve gone a step further to look at where we believe we have the biggest potential to make a difference, at scale. This thinking has led us to focus on SDGs 7, 8, 9, 12, 13 and 15. These are the areas where we have the greatest impact and are best positioned to contribute meaningfully.

Action at scale

The ambitions of the SDGs call for new types of partnership. This is why, as a member of WBCSD’s Forest Solutions Group (FSG), we are working with other companies to develop a SDG sector roadmap. Set to launch in mid-2019 the roadmap aims to inform decision-making by describing the most impactful contributions the sector can make through process, product and partnership innovation.

Purposeful communication

Advancing our communication of the SDGs, this year we have introduced a comprehensive index that references SDG links throughout our online Sustainable development report, enhancing the accessibility, transparency and navigability of our disclosure. Integrating the SDGs into our reporting brings focus and perspective to our sustainability thinking and messaging, strengthens our social relevance as a business and helps us to set more meaningful future targets.

See the strategically important SDGs mapped to our 10 Growing Responsibly action areas


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