Purpose, impact and scale:
Making a real contribution to the UN SDGs

We believe it is a key responsibility of business to help deliver the UN SDGs. The primary contribution of any business comes through providing jobs, sustaining livelihoods, paying taxes and supporting social and economic development. Beyond this, business can achieve real and lasting positive change by considering its detrimental impacts, targeting its response and collaborating across sectors to scale positive contributions.

Every year, we report on the SDGs that have the strongest links with our Growing Responsibly activities. This year we reviewed our contribution to the SDGs to identify those areas where we believe we have the greatest impact and opportunity to make a real and lasting difference. As a result, we added SDG 6 (Clean water and sanitation) to the six SDGs – SDGs 7, 8, 9, 12, 13 and 15 – highlighted as most relevant in our previous report. Water scarcity is a key concern that extends beyond historically sensitive regions such as South Africa; the impacts of our pulp and paper mills on water quality and quantity is a pertinent topic in all countries where we operate.

Action at scale

The ambitions of the SDGs call for new types of partnership. As a member of WBCSD’s Forest Solutions Group (FSG), we worked with other companies to develop the Forest Sector SDG roadmap. Launched mid-2019, the roadmap presents strategic impact opportunities and tangible actions for scaling collaborative action towards 2030 with a focus on where the sector together with partners can maximise SDG impact – bringing positive impact to scale and minimising negative effects.

Purposeful communication

We have included a comprehensive index that references SDG links throughout our online Sustainable Development report, enhancing the accessibility, transparency and navigability of our disclosure. Integrating the SDGs into our reporting brings focus and perspective to our sustainability thinking and messaging, strengthens our social relevance as a business and helps us to set more meaningful future targets.

See the strategically important SDGs mapped to our 10 Growing Responsibly action areas



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