Our most recent Group-wide employee survey was completed in November 2015. It provided an overview of how we are performing against our cultural values and characteristics. 90% of employees took part and, overall, there was a higher level of engagement with our culture compared to the previous survey.

We reported how the survey was conducted and initial highlevel findings in our Sustainable development report 2015 (page 46). While improvements were seen in terms of our performance-oriented culture and our safety record, some challenges were identified. Three high-level findings were found to be cross-cutting across all our operations and highly relevant to the entire group, as well as to our Inspire culture:

Belief in local goals: there was a perception among some employees that delivering global and Group-level strategy and direction did not always fully incorporate local goals.

Recognition of contributions and achievements: there was a desire for more day-to-day recognition of employees by leaders and managers – both formal and informal.

Group-wide collaboration: it was highlighted that we need to do more to encourage and facilitate collaboration – internally and externally, top-down and bottom-up, cross-departmental and cross-business unit/segment.

In 2016, human resources teams led the response at different organisational levels. At each of our operations and offices, findings and feedback specific to that site shaped the main focus of the resulting activities.

Our leaders were quick to respond and support action throughout the organisation. Workshops at local operations and head offices were held to identify and explore specific improvements. Outcomes included:

Simplified language and local flexibility: To reduce the barriers associated with over-complex language sometimes used at Group-level, corrective action was taken to simplify documentation and allow greater flexibility for local adaptation.

Increased feedback by leaders: Operational committee members were tasked with cascading more visible, frequent and personal feedback by managers to their teams and employees across all operations.

Fostering collaboration: We commissioned credible third parties to facilitate collaboration-themed workshops and events at different operations and offices, providing a deep dive into the systemic and behavioural barriers to collaboration. We also launched a new intranet platform, PlanetMondi, which aims to provide effective and userfriendly tools to enable people to collaborate more easily and effectively.

In October, the second MDs’ ‘best practice sharing’ workshop was held to promote collaboration among our management teams.

All Mondi Academy trainings were reviewed to identify opportunities to further enable these three key themes, with new training solutions on track to be fully launched in 2017. Our next employee survey is planned for 2018.


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