Our manufacturing processes can generate large quantities of waste. We reuse and recycle where we can, and treat the remaining waste; however, some waste still ends up in landfill.

In 2015, we found an alternative for a waste stream, which is comprised of mechanically separated reject from waste paper and board converting. After overcoming several technical barriers, mainly related to its heterogeneous composition, we were able to use this former waste stream for energy generation by the recipient company. In 2016, we identified a further suitable recipient and, through extensive cooperation, investment and joint work, we created a new foil recycling stream that uses the material as fuel. This helped us to avoid the landfilling of a further 7,500 tonnes, increasing the total amount to 36,000 tonnes annually, now used for energy generation. This additional 7,500 tonnes substituted 0.1 million GJ of fossil fuels, equivalent to a GHG reduction of 9,000 tonnes CO2e. We’re making good progress towards our zero waste to landfill ambition and our partner companies are benefiting by lowering their reliance on fossil fuel based energy.

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