To eliminate their top risks, our operations have been tasked to apply elimination, substitution and engineering risk controls which will eliminate or significantly reduce the risk levels in their activities. This has led to a wide range of risk controls being implemented, including:

Our Świecie (Poland) team identified the offloading of tank trucks as exposing personnel to fatal risks related to working at height. Frames were installed with self-retracting fall prevention equipment at 18 tank truck offloading bays to eliminate the hazard of falling. The equipment is attached to the off loader’s safety harness and prevents them falling off the tank walkway during offloading.

The Štětí (Czech Republic) team identified the unplugging of clogged piping, that conveys hazardous substances, as a top risk. It is very important that the blockage can be removed without exposure to the hazardous substance and uncontrolled leakage to remove the risks. By reducing the length of the pipes, remote plug removal is now possible. New manometers to identify blocked pipes and blowing valves, aeration valves and flange covers have also been installed to prevent uncontrolled leakage from the flange joints.

At Mondi Gronau (Germany), there can be over 50 forklift trucks and other vehicles operating together on-site. Due to a shortage of space and a lack of adequate transportation planning, some roadways and demarcated driving areas were not well-structured or properly separated from pedestrian walkways or working areas. Following several incidents and near misses in recent years, new engineering controls have been introduced. They include newly designed driving and pedestrian areas with physical barriers between driving and pedestrian ways, flashing lights on fast-moving doors, upgraded forklift trucks with features such as people detection systems, mobile video systems, and defined ‘no-go’ areas. We will follow up with a training programme to further reduce the risk in 2017.

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