Syktyvkar took its first step towards intensive forestry management in 2008, when it first established its own modern nursery, comprising two greenhouses, for growing containerised spruce and pine seedlings. The nursery’s maximum capacity was one million seedlings in one rotation. Since 2011, an additional four greenhouses have been established, all producing two rotations and increasing the total nursery capacity to eight million seedlings per year by 2016 with infrastructure designed for capacity of up to 12 million seedlings.

The advantages of the nurseries include:

  • Extended planting season (May to September);
  • Possibility of making two rotations (May and July);
  • High mechanisation of the planting process;
  • Reduced density of planting (2,000 seedlings per hectare); and
  • A seedling survival rate of up to 98%, with highgrowth energy.

The Syktyvkar logging operation now not only meets all its own seedling requirements but it also supplies other forest users in the region and neighbouring regions.

Intensive forestry

In mostly the southern commercial forest areas that have been identified for intensive forestry on highly productive sites, Mondi has in recent years been using the modern Scandinavian method of high-intensity pre-commercial thinnings rather than the traditional low-intensity corridor method. Our increased focus on and investment in silviculture has resulted in a steady progression of practical measures being implemented, improving the quantity, quality and intensity of our silviculture operations.

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