We launched ‘Health Corners’ in Frantschach in 2013 to raise awareness of health issues and improve employee health. Since then, regular meetings and workshops to inform and educate employees on issues including nutrition, exercise and mental fitness have become the norm. Employees are encouraged to participate in a 10 to 15-minute personal counselling session and to take advantage of regular health monitoring which looks at weight, metabolic age, body mass index, body water friction, visceral fat, muscle mass.

In 2016, each employee received a personal Health Passport containing all their data and reference data. Around 25% of Frantschach employees participated with a notable increase in engagement among blue-collar workers. During the first year:

  • 84% of participants lost weight,
  • 93% reduced their body fat, and
  • 81% improved their muscle mass.

Since early results were communicated and individual health passports were issued to employees, health awareness has increased with many employees actively improving lifestyles and levels of productivity at work. The programme continues to monitor and provide health benefits to employees.



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