The main technology hubs of Sweden are mostly located in or around major cities and it can be difficult to attract young employees to more rural areas. Mondi has been working with other leading technology companies to attract young engineering expertise to the High Coast1 region of northern Sweden. In 2016, to showcase the career opportunities, Mondi invited 20 civil engineering students from the University of Uppsala to attend a threeday programme including company visits and a dinner where students got to meet other engineers from the cooperating companies. Feedback was very positive with students expressing motivation to explore engineering jobs and career opportunities at Mondi and in the region.

Mondi’s vision for the region is to become an engineering hub for young graduates and to attract skilled employees to build their careers and remain in the region. We contribute to this vision by creating awareness of the career opportunities Mondi offers and working in collaboration and partnership with other companies in the area and with academic institutions. Availability of infrastructure, recreational activities and workplace appeal also contribute to employee retention, and Mondi is committed to actively contributing to these aspects.

1) The High Coast is a part of the Gulf of Bothnia, in north-eastern Sweden

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