Transportation in our forestry and logging operations is a key risk area and one of the top fatal risks identified by our Russian logging operations. Log delivery vehicle drivers often travel long distances on poor-condition roads, at night, and in difficult weather conditions. In recent years, warmer winter day temperatures cause road conditions to become more slippery. A number of vehicles have overturned while transporting logs from the logging camps to our Syktyvkar mill. Mitigation measures introduced have included seat belts, speed tracking systems, regular alcohol tests and defensive driver training. In 2015, we also identified the need to provide practical training for the drivers of log delivery vehicles to reduce the risks. We approached a service provider to develop a vehicle training simulator which emulates driving conditions in Russian logging areas. The simulator was installed in the second quarter of 2016 and training was provided to the Mondi team to enable them to provide training to all the drivers. By the end of 2016, all 302 of our log delivery drivers had received training in the simulator. Ongoing refresher training will continue to be provided to all drivers who deliver logs to the Syktyvkar mill.

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