Richards Bay (South Africa) wood yard shut: 900,000 recordable injury-free hours

The Richards Bay mill’s wood yard upgrade had a peak headcount of 500 contractors and Mondi employees on-site at any one time. At the start of the project, we set an ambitious safety target of 500,000 recordable case-free hours, with wideranging steps to ensure it was achieved.

  • The Mondi six step process for responsible contracting was applied to select contractors – ensuring safety and health documents were approved and providing ongoing support and training.
  • Two cardinal rules relating to working at heights and standing under a suspended load were identified, with strict disciplinary sanctions for anyone found breaking them.
  • The project team identified the top risks during each phase of the project and reported monthly. Daily focus audits were conducted by Mondi and contractors’ safety advisers.
  • Close collaboration was maintained between Mondi and contractors through regular safety briefings.
  • Incentives were implemented to reach safety targets and reward outstanding safety behaviour, including prizes and safety recognition certificates.

Due to the high number of contractors and employees exposed to mobile plant and machinery during the project, solid barricading was used to lay out pedestrian walkways with flagmen guiding machinery and pedestrians in the specified construction areas. Site layout drawings were posted on safety information boards and all contractors were informed of the project permit issuing protocol.

The results were outstanding with zero total recordable cases reported to date and 900,000 total recordable injury-free hours. Post project reviews were conducted to identify positive lessons and areas for future improvement.

Managing the safe maintenance shut at Świecie (Poland)

The 2016 annual shut at our Świecie mill involved a wide scope of complex and non-routine tasks carried out over a period of 21 days. Many of the new contractors required training on Mondi’s stringent safety standards and rules. Effective communication was key. We held detailed meetings with contractors before the project began. Daily maintenance shut meetings between the Mondi team and the contractors’ managers and supervisors ensured ongoing collaboration. Inspections were held during all shifts, with 27 trained safety inspectors on-site throughout any given shift. Work was inspected daily by one or more of the 24 trained safety advisers and additional safety marshals were hired. Cardinal rules were agreed and communicated with violation resulting in instant dismissal. Systems such as the green and yellow card system were used and incentives were used to keep employees motivated. In total, 18 green cards were issued and 40 incentive gifts handed out. 413,370 hours were worked with zero total recordable cases, only one first aid case and one close call reported.


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