Mondi’s wide-ranging health and safety performance requirements and methodologies provide a robust framework to enable our operations to manage the safety and health of their employees and contractors. Our global network of SHE professionals provides support and guidance to line managers who are responsible for embedding safety culture within their operations. In 2016, we launched two tailor-made safety training programmes which aim to align all our line managers and safety and health professionals across the Group. A ‘train-the-trainer’ approach was rolled out in 2016 to enable business unit safety and health managers to provide training to first line managers across all business units.

Safety and health professionals training: Designed to provide a clear understanding of roles, responsibilities and Mondi requirements, this is designed to enable SHE professionals to provide the required professional support and guidance to line managers. The safety element consists of three-and-a-half days’ training. This is followed by a five-day training session on some of the softer management skills required such as managing conflict, leading without hierarchy and trainer competencies. The training commenced in 2016 and will be attended by around 140 SHE professionals by 2018. Follow-up training modules will be developed to ensure continuous learning and improvement.

First line managers training: This is a team-based interactive course designed to enable line managers to build the safety culture of their teams and ensure everyone looks after their own safety and that of others. A coaching element will make certain the training remains ongoing, with line managers receiving quarterly feedback from their selfappointed coach on a quarterly basis. Approximately 1,200 first line managers will attend the training programme by 2019.

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