A skilled and committed workforce

With around 26,100 employees across 33 countries, our vision is to be an employer of choice and we aim to inspire and empower our global workforce to deliver our Group strategy. Engaging and developing our people to reach their full potential and providing inspiring opportunities for their personal and professional development ensures our business continues to grow and succeed.

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  • Today’s socially conscious employees want purposeful, rewarding careers that contribute social, economic and environmental value
  • Stakeholders expect business to contribute to employment, skills and technical capacity in the markets where they operate
  • Creating meaningful employment is one of the most significant ways that business contributes to the livelihoods of individuals and communities1

1) https://www.bitc.org.uk/campaigns-programmes/employment-diversity

  • Europe’s pulp and paper sector has seen fewer young people joining its workforce than in the past1
  • Socio-economic and demographic trends are occurring against a background of rapid change across technologies, business models and product innovation; we depend on a skilled workforce to lead on a global stage
  • Engaging and inspiring our employees boosts productivity and increases our appeal to those who seek purposeful careers

1) http://www.cepi.org/publication/future-skills-paper-industry

Our commitments

  • Engage with our people to create a better workplace

Our performance

  • Our most recent group-wide employee survey was carried out in February 2018. All Mondi employees were invited to take part, with the survey available in 24 languages. We are encouraged by the group-wide response rate of 89% (2015: 90%), reflecting the engagement of our employees in achieving a better, more inspiring workplace together.
In focus Inspiring people against the odds in Iraq

Our industrial bags plant in Sulaymaniyah, northern Iraq, is the first industrial bags plant in the country. It serves a growing cement industry, which is rebuilding the country. In 2014, our business in Iraq faced major challenges due to the political situation and its impact on local infrastructure and social cohesion. A new management team needed to turn the company around in the midst of significant uncertainty – not just due to political and market instability but also logistical challenges and low productivity. With a high dependency on expat employees – many of whom had left the country – our committed local team decided to begin by building employee morale and encouraging teams to work together and keep each other safe across a diverse, multicultural environment. They set out to inspire the workforce by setting strategic goals, and focusing everyone on working together on activities with high impact to meet stakeholders’ expectations.

By the end of 2018, sales volumes were up 120% and ROCE also increased significantly. Mondi Kaso now has excellent financial and operational results, delighted shareholders and customers and, very importantly, inspired employees.

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  • Target 4.4 By 2030, substantially increase the number of youth and adults who have relevant skills, including technical and vocational skills, for employment, decent jobs and entrepreneurship
  • Target 8.6 By 2020, substantially reduce the proportion of youth not in employment, education or training


  • Target 9.2 Promote inclusive and sustainable industrialisation and, by 2030, significantly raise industry’s share of employment and gross domestic product, in line with national circumstances, and double its share in least developed countries