Supplier conduct and responsible procurement

In an increasingly globalised and connected economy, transparency has become a key supply chain success metric for stakeholders worldwide. It’s a complex challenge for business that involves players spanning the entire value chain. We’re taking steps to improve transparency and manage our impacts by partnering with suppliers to build a responsible, inclusive and sustainable supply chain.

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  • Our business impacts both upstream and downstream of our operations
  • Stakeholders expect businesses to manage their adverse impacts and bring about positive change, including tackling issues such as labour and human rights in their supply chains
  • Our customers require increasingly detailed information about how we manage our supply chain to manage their own risks
  • A responsible supply chain is crucial to sustainable growth, benefiting our business in far-reaching ways
  • Working collaboratively helps us drive meaningful responses to issues like labour rights and achieve positive change
  • As suppliers shift production to emerging markets, it’s crucial we manage our risks in countries of potentially weaker governance

Our commitments

  • Encourage supply chain transparency and promote fair working conditions together with our key suppliers

Our performance

  • Continued development of the responsible procurement process to identify sustainability risks in our supply chain and carried out a pilot screening of 100 suppliers to test the methodology

In focus Mondi Zimele supports businesses to become high-performance suppliers

Amahlathi Ethu is a silviculture contractor operating in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa. The company was formed in 2014 when two emerging contractors (Siyathuthuka and Dubumthuzi) joined forces to pool resources and modernise operations, purchase equipment and improve productivity. Mondi Zimele started providing business support and development to Amahlathi Ethu in 2014. This included coaching and mentoring with a Mondi Zimele Forestry Development Manager and offering training across diverse operational, business and human resources functions. Mondi Zimele also provided the company with a low interest loan for the purchase of three tractors, a planter trailer and a 35-seater personnel carrier, which has been repaid in full.

Amahlathi Ethu has created employment for 197 people from neighbouring communities and won numerous awards for its commitment. Testament to its success, Mondi recently awarded Amahlathi Ethu a new five-year contract, which will increase its scope of work from January 2019.

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