We’ve made good progress against many of the five-year commitments we set in 2010. Here’s how we progressed against our key sustainability commitments in 2015.

2015 highlights

  • Launched "Growing responsibly' model with 10 action areas and 16 commitments to 2020 and beyond
  • Launched our social sustainability network for a more strategic approach to community engagement
  • Achieved a 22% reduction of waste to landfill since 2010
  • Started our new recovery boiler and biomass boiler at Świecie mill (Poland)
  • Advanced Level reporter at United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) and joined the UNGC’s CEO Water Mandate
  • Published our sustainable development report in accordance with GRI’s G4 core guidelines for the first time

Our commitments to 2020 and beyond

We developed our 10 action areas and 16 commitments to 2020 and beyond following a comprehensive review of the macro trends that influence our global context.

We worked closely with our businesses to understand the risks and opportunities facing them and to gain their commitment. We engaged with our stakeholders to better understand their expectations and to be able to respond to their needs.

We also benefited from working with partners and international organisations to align our thinking with the global sustainable development agenda and to scale up our positive impact. This inclusive process has strengthened our approach and will help our business and our stakeholders to secure a sustainable future. In short, it will help us grow responsibly.

The next five years


Moving forward, we've taken the opportunity to reflect on our experiences and lessons learned. We've considered and responded to global developments and sector challenges, and we've launched our next set of sustainable development commitments for 2020 and beyond.

David Hathorn
Chief executive officer, Mondi Group

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