Given the scale and nature of the social and environmental challenges facing society, no individual sector can make a significant, sustainable difference alone.

We place great importance on engaging openly, transparently and collaboratively to help identify emerging issues, understand local priorities, and seek mutually beneficial solutions for sustainable growth.

Collaboration with others – within and across sectors, globally and locally, along the supply chain and on landscape level – is central to our approach and a fundamental driver for change.

We believe that by working with others we can achieve greater innovation, impact, scale, and sustainability. Through close collaboration and engagement we can build more stable communities and create shared value.

We engage openly on a regular basis with our communities to understand and respond to their concerns and priorities, using formal management tools that help us assess the local socioeconomic conditions.

Key stakeholders in 2015

We engage regularly with a range of stakeholders. The extent and frequency is determined by the requirements of the project schedules, scope and/or partnership agreements.

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