Working collectively to drive change

We believe that working collectively is a driver for change. We promote partnerships and engage openly and collaboratively to better understand and respond to sustainability challenges and opportunities, together seeking solutions that benefit our business, the environment and broader society. Below are some of the organisations we work with:


Developing the fibre-based value chain

Member of the 4evergreen alliance

Mondi joined forced with the Alliance For Water Stewardship (AWS) to tackle climate change impacts on water security

A circular economy for flexible packaging

Member of the pan-European multi-stakeholder consortium

Towards a circular economy for labels

Member of Circular Economy for Labels (CELAB) collaboration

Company representative member of the Confederation of European Paper Industries 

Advocating for flexible packaging

Member of FPE's sustainability committee since 2004

Collaborating for climate-fit forests 

Mondi and IUFRO partner to identify science-based solutions to tackle the impact of climate change on forests

Find more information on the partnership here

Partnering for circular plastics

New Plastics Economy - The Global Commitment

Signatory company of the:

Endorser of the UN CEO Water Mandate

Member of World Business Council for Sustainable Development 




Member of Steering Committee for WBCSD Forest Solutions Group


We mean business

Developing more sustainable packaging

Mondi partners with United Nations World Food Programme to help address food waste in the fight to eliminate world hunger



For a comprehensive list of our key stakeholders, please see our Stakeholder Engagement Index.