In 2017, we introduced the approach of a 24-hour safety mindset, whereby safety is seen as something we do for ourselves, for our families, and for our colleagues and their families. The approach is designed to tap into people’s awareness on an emotional, unconscious level – by applying safety to all aspects of our lives, not just at work. It’s based on the premise that there’s no difference between being safe at work and being safe at home – the outcome is the same – and that if we develop our habits in a way that safety becomes an unconscious behaviour, then we’ll ensure our own safety and that of those around us as a matter of course.

We launched the 24-hour safety mindset approach in March 2017 with a film spearheaded by our CEO. It was supported by promotional activities across the business, including campaign materials depicting real employees and their children in various safety scenarios.

Read the full story in our 2017 sustainability publication ‘Partnering for change’

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