Growth, performance and efficiency are all vital for business success, but to build a sustainable future you also need great leadership and talented, inspired people. At Mondi Syktyvkar, historic analysis had revealed a shortfall in technical talent resources, critical succession gaps, inconsistent leadership and lack of people development. External factors such as location and lack of interest in technical jobs among young people added to the challenge. We launched NEXT (New thinking, Expertise and Talent) to turn the situation around. It is a broad programme focused on attracting and retaining new talent, strengthening employee development and career opportunities, promoting leadership excellence and partnering with universities – with our ‘Inspire’ culture acting as the glue.

In 2017, we were recognised by Russia’s prestigious Graduate Award, taking second place in the best student engagement category. This contest has the reputation as one of the most significant events in the area of Human Resources.

Since the launch of the project in 2014, 88 technical students have graduated in five schools, with half of them already in employment. During the fouryear course of the NEXT project, Mondi Syktyvkar has improved sustainable engagement scores by 15% and promoted more than 70 talents (10 within Mondi Group). Mondi Academy Russia has now 50 internal trainers and offers more than 75 courses. Leadership courses supported by 360° feedback and coaching have enhanced the leadership skills of 370 line managers.


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