About a fifth of Mondi’s total COD is generated by our mill in Syktyvkar. The wastewater treatment plant at our Syktyvkar mill in Komi (Russia) treats the mill’s industrial waste water and also the waste water from the surrounding community, including other industrial operations. In our 2017 Sustainable development report, we reported on improvements acheived due to the upgrading of clarifiers, rabble rakes and disc filters and as a result of mixing municipal and industrial waste water before entering the treatment plant, increasing the efficiency of the nutrient dosing system. This investment resulted in a 22% reduction in specific COD emissions in 2017, compared to 2015. In 2018, we completed the final phase project bringing overall investment in improving wastewater treatment at Syktyvkar to over €60 million. Specific COD has now reduced by 24% since 2015, an absolute reduction of about 1,635 tonnes of COD.

Key outcomes of the investment include (against a 2015 baseline):

  • Specific COD emissions down 24%;
  • Specific AOX emissions down 19%;
  • Increase of N by 23% and reduction of P nutrients by 31%; and
  • All biosludge from the wastewater treatment is dewatered to such an extent that it can be reused as biofuel in our energy plants.


Syktyvkar Russia


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