Founded in 1881, our mill at Frantschach in Austria employs some 430 people and produces sack kraft paper, specialty kraft paper and unbleached market pulp. It is one of the biggest employers in the region, making a significant contribution to the local economy. There is a strong historical connection between Mondi Frantschach and the municipality of Frantschach-St. Gertraud. The mill has greatly influenced the infrastructure of the town and many of the 2,800 residents and their relatives are active or retired employees of the mill.

In June 2018, we conducted the mill’s first SEAT assessment, involving a wide range of stakeholders, including employees, contractors, suppliers, works council, local and regional authorities, neighbours and communities, local fire brigade, local music band, media, educational institutes and customers. The process was well received and positive reference was made to Mondi’s strong social licence to operate, proactive communication and focus on safety. The mill was also recognised for providing a family-type atmosphere and being a reliable business partner, as well as for its investments in the community.

The process uncovered some useful areas and ideas for improvement, in particular:

  • Employment aspects such as longer training periods in succession planning, retaining contractor knowledge and providing stronger feedback mechanisms;
  • Community interaction such as regular open days;
  • Communication through more frequent Managing Director information forums, regular updates in local media and communication on social activities; and
  • Environmental issues such as prioritising and communicating about odour abatement.

The mill management has responded to the issues raised and is now defining its action plan. The report will be published in 2019 in German and English languages on our website and provided to local stakeholders in printed form.

 Frantschach Seat


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