In South Africa, our main channel for supporting enterprise is through Mondi Zimele1, a Mondiowned subsidiary which aims to accelerate community empowerment in the forestry value chain and support small businesses around Mondi’s operations. In 2018, Mondi Zimele continued to drive local participation through job creation, development of competitive local contractors and by supporting emerging forestry growers. Since 2012, Mondi Zimele has provided approximately €10.2 million in loan funding to assist over 200 local businesses in the creation of more than 2,800 jobs, creating revenues in excess of €25 million per annum. This was enabled through the Mondi Zimele Jobs Fund, an enterprise development initiative co-funded by the South African Government Treasury Jobs Fund. Mondi Zimele has also been instrumental in establishing several land claimant community contractors, where we continue to emphasise productivity improvement, business administration and compliance as the key to success for these SMEs. The Mondi Zimele and department of Trade and Industry (DTI) Forestry Contractor Incubator Programme, now in its third year of operation, focuses on 30 small businesses (four of which are owned by land claimants), with eight having graduated from the incubator. The incubator focuses on growing skills, management capability and improving operational know-how.



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